Thursday, April 15, 2010

The life of V

So around we go into the world of blogging.
The web becomes more and more fascinating everyday.
This is a great tool for my fans, and my friends, and I, to myself, to stay in touch.

I'll be posting what I am up to musically.

Right now I am trying to get musicians together to form what you would call a "band"
Guitarist cut his finger sewing on a button. Its true!!! So he can't play. Rats!!!
That means I am stuck rehearsing alone and as one of my vocal students says,"It's breaking my head."

So laying low for a while till things pull together.
We will be rehearsing once everyone is fine in Studio A.

Then its off and running till one of the joggers falls again! Lol

Cheers its time to eat,
Vanessa Hamilton